Devinez comment vos Coups de cœur changent des vies! Retournez les vignettes pour découvrir quel a été votre impact!

What gift weighed as much as 8500 SUVS
Food baskets which delivered 17,500 tonnes of food  
How high did stack of books stack up
If piled, the 200,000 stacks of books you gave would reach higher than a plane!  
Child’s drawing of a school that shows the flag of Kenya and says “Thanks Plan for staying with us!”
A student in Kenya, one of 200,000 thrilled to receive (and use!) school essentials  
This gift made a splash for 1.2 million people, distilling fresh change
Clean water for families – given to more people than the population of Ottawa!  
Who got almost 14,000 goats?
Families like Juanita’s in Indonesia: “I was so happy to have the baby goat. It will help me buy my new school uniform  
Just how many girls were supported by send a girl to school?
60,000 girls around the globe! You go, girls!  
How did you respond to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time?
You provided 67,000 refugee children with emergency support.  
Where in the world did all that girl power go?
It’s gone global: benefitting 150,000 girls by improving access to rights like health services  
How many countries received your Gifts of Hope?
20 countries, from Bangladesh and Cambodia, to Egypt and Burkina Faso 
*Certains de ces projets ont reçu un soutien financier du gouvernement du Canada.