The power of School essentials:

Pens, Packs and more promising futures

No matter what Gift of Hope you gave – you did something incredible for a family in need oceans away. Something that is helping unleash a child’s equal power right now to change their life forevermore.

For some students of Kwale– that something is the gift of school essentials and with it the power to access improved education, learn and grow.

And they’ve got something for you in return: their hand-written letter of thanks:


We are absolutely acknowledging Plan International Kenya and their local implementing partners, as well as those who have been on the side of assisting us (pupils) and the whole community in general.

It is with great thanks that we appreciate Plan International for providing us with exercise books as well as textbooks which have assisted us a lot in improving our performance.

Big [water] tanks which have been provided to Kwale pupils have really quenched our thirst. We are no longer thirsty from water. In our school sufficient water is there courtesy of Plan International.

Plan International has enabled us to know our rights and created awareness to our parents on their role/duties/responsibilities. We are happy for this and we are now free to express our rights.

Slongan No Goiell: the slogan “No-Go-Tell" has helped us to prevent pregnancies and increase safe environments in schools and our community. Under our patrons and Plan International facilitators we salute you all for coming and introducing a safe environment.

- Kwale school journalism club members, who are thrilled to receive Canadians’ school essential Gifts of Hope.

Student thank you letter

* Edits and blurs to the letter are made for protection purposes and to accurately portray the project activities.

A girls stands in front of her class who received school essentials Gifts of Hope
Hand washing station

Canadians have helped distribute over 396,000 school essentials in over 3,400 learning facilities around the world.

Enriching classrooms in Cambodia

“Gifts of Hope provides a lot of materials,” says Horn, a primary school teacher in Cambodia. “For students, they give study materials such as books, pens, bags, pencils and more. For school, they give some materials in order to help teachers.”

Bags and books go beyond simple supplies – they can hold the key to a child realizing their right to education.

  • These essentials can help alleviate financial pressures on a family living in poverty.
  • This gift can be a girl’s chance to attend school equally in a community where boys’ education is prioritized.
  • School essentials can help a child learn, study, succeed and thrive – just ask Horn:

“Gifts of Hope project has had a big impact on my school that lets students have more hope. The school has a higher enrollment rate and now more children will have more knowledge and escape from poverty. Moreover, Gifts of Hope help our students improve in studying.”

Three boys smile holding backpacks from the school essentials Gift of Hope.

“I would like to thank you Canadian donors who funded our school. I wish you all the best for the rest of your life.”

New beginnings in Niger

Everyone from students to principals cherishes Canadians’ contributions. Your Gifts of Hope are helping teachers teach and students learn in and access safe, inclusive, quality education environments, all of which help entire communities unleash their full potential.

Girl with backpack

“Before I did not know how to read, I did not know how to write. I envied the other children of the village,” explains 12-year-old Sada* of Niger. She had never been to school – until now.

With help from Canadians’ Gifts of Hope, Sada has finally taken her rightful seat inside a classroom.
“Today I am very proud because my life is changing. Now I am learning to calculate and speak French and I am very happy.”

Did you know? Girls with primary education can go on to earn
14-19% more than those with no education. This increases to almost 50% for those with secondary education and almost 3X as much for girls and women with post-secondary education.

Principal Mamane is so thankful for Canadians’ Gifts of Hope and their tremendous impact on his school in Niger, he had to tell you himself:

I have the honour to present my heartfelt thanks to the project [distributing Gifts of Hope], following the many contributions it continues to make, including:


  • Access and retention of students in school
  • The quality of teaching and learning by providing my school with tables benches, desks, chairs, manuals and teachers’ guides.
Handwritten thank you letter
group with backpacks

Sada, the students of Kwale, Mr. Horn and Principal Mamane are just a few of the millions of people your Gifts of Hope have reached around the globe. Thank you for using your power to support Gifts of Hope, and with it, helping thousands of children harness their own power. Your generosity and the new educational paths it has opened are truly gifts that keep on giving.

* Name changed for protection purposes.

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