Positive change, up close and personal

Calgarians Geoff and Sharon Harding have supported Gifts of Hope school construction projects for two years. When the chance came to visit the school they helped make possible in Honduras, they say it was an easy decision to make.

"We thought it was a great opportunity to see firsthand how our contributions were being put to use," says Geoff.

The Hardings travelled with three other donors, visiting two Plan-supported schools and two Plan-funded health centres.

"We really saw the difference Plan is making," says Geoff.

Touring the facilities, the group saw new latrines, libraries stocked with books and computers, and abundant school supplies. They saw children learning and playing and even helped them plant coffee plants.

"Meeting the children was the highlight of the trip," says Sharon. "They were happy, outgoing and inquisitive. They were very hopeful, and excited to meet us and speak to us even though we couldn't communicate directly."

The Hardings say the visit really helped them see how cohesively Plan works within communities, and how the communities take ownership of the projects once Plan’s work is done.

"Seeing the impact our gift had made us confident our support is being well utilized," says Geoff.

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