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Making a difference with Gifts of Hope

Aliya and Hailey hugging

How birthdays can make the world a better place

For sisters Aliya and Hailey, ages 7 and 4, changing the world begins with baby chicks and pigs – and the pages of the Gifts of Hope catalogue.

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Casting the net wide…with hope

Five-year-old Liam hates mosquitoes, so the picture of kids in a bed net from the Gifts of Hope catalogue captured his attention. “The kids didn’t have much stuff – and they didn’t have any stuff to protect them from the bugs,” says Liam.

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Chore calendar

Chores for change

Can students make a difference by putting down video games and picking up snow shovels?

Rebecca Haensel’s grade 5-6 class and Jimmy Tsementzis’ grade 1-2 class at Beaches Alternative School partnered up to change the world with Chores or Challenges for Charity.

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A family standing together

A lesson in love

When Rhonda and Glen sat down to look through Plan International Canada’s Gifts of Hope catalogue, they saw it as a chance to involve their children Alex, 7, and Mikayla, 5.

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Sharon Harding washing her hands with kids in Honduras

Positive change, up close and personal

Calgarians Geoff and Sharon Harding have supported Gifts of Hope school construction projects for two years. When the chance came to visit the school they helped make possible in Honduras, they say it was an easy decision to make.

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