Goats on boats and lifesaving seeds

From seeds to saved lives in Sierra Leone

Your gift of endless harvest turned seeds and support for farming into vital food for families in Ebola-affected areas of Sierra Leone.

Two hands grab fistfuls of grains from a bag.

Thanks to donors like you, over 180 tonnes of nutrient-rich food was provided to families. That’s the weight of more than 25 elephants – and an immeasurable amount of hope!

Goats travel by boat to communities in need.

Ahoy, m-a-a-a-tes! Thanks to Gifts of Hope donors, over 1,000 goats are en route to homes in Indonesia. The locally sourced herds are being sent to vulnerable families in remote island communities, where they will improve nutrition for children and boost income for families.

Thank you…

Today, your Gift of Hope is transforming the lives of children and families from some of the poorest countries in the world – empowering them with the best gift of all: a promising tomorrow.

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