Forward with Gifts of Hope

In the communities where Plan International works, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed progress, equality and children’s rights backwards. But Gifts of Hope, Plan International Canada’s ethical giving program, is helping children and their families forge a comeback. Thanks to Gifts of Hope givers across Canada, children around the world are accessing life-changing resources and services to overcome the setbacks they’ve faced to their education, health and empowerment.

Together with Gifts of Hope and support from people like you, thousands of children like Beatrice from Benin and Hieu from Vietnam are stepping out from the shadows of this pandemic and moving forward into a better world.

Scroll down to watch their personal stories of change and see our support in action in the videos below:

  • COVID-19 kits

    Last year, people who gave COVID-19 kits helped distribute 152,000 health and personal protective equipment PPE items such as face masks and soap to people in need around the world, like Hieu a sponsored child from Vietnam. She also learned how to limit the spread of the virus thanks to community-wide trainings: another critical component of this lifesaving gift. Watch Hieu unbox her COVID-19 package!

  • Food basket

    While under lockdown in Peru, sponsored child Genesis’ parents were unable to work and purchase enough food for their family. Plan International supporters, like those who gave a food basket, helped provide over 20,000 families with grocery vouchers to help keep food on the table. Food basket gifts also distribute life-sustaining food staples to families most in need to prevent malnutrition. See Genesis and her family's food support story!

  • Clean water for families

    Sponsored child Beatrice and her family in Benin were among the 3 billion people globally who lack adequate access to sanitation needs—until her family was helped to build a latrine and hand washing device. Water, hygiene and sanitation support like the clean water for families gift helps prevent illnesses like cholera, diarrhea and even COVID-19. Watch as Beatrice shows how newfound clean water access is bringing a fresh source of impact!

  • Girl power

    Supporters who give girl power are helping girls like Esmirna from the Dominican Republic access equal opportunities to learn, be healthy, make decisions and plan their own futures. After participating in a Plan International-supported youth group, Esmirna was inspired to volunteer with Plan International to encourage other girls and youth like herself to harness their power and pursue their passions. Find out what girl power means to Esmirna!

Over these past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has jeopardized children’s lives and futures. But supporters across Canada, like you, have stood alongside children every step of the way, helping Stop the Setback through Gifts of Hope.

When your generosity is combined with multiple Gifts of Hope and the inherent power of every child, we can move forward, together, towards a better tomorrow. Browse our entire Gifts of Hope collection to get started.


Two young children smiling hold one goat each.
Food Basket
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Girl power
COVID-19 Kit
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A young child smiles at camera while holding hands undder portable water container.
Clean Water for Families
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Two young children smiling hold one goat each.
Girl Power
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