Fall 2017 Impact report

When it comes to opportunities…

You and your gift changed “unavailable” into “invaluable.”

You shifted the “improbable” to the “infinite.”

Replaced “unlikely” with “unlimited.”

And helped swap “uncertain futures” for “unstoppable potential.”

Your gift made all the difference for someone in need – and it’s helping change the story.

A new chapter in Cambodia

Canadians like you helped send over 25,000 books to children in Cambodia!

A girl in Cambodia stands in front of shelves of books, smiling and holding a chalkboard that says “Thank you Canada!

Goats get new homes in Indonesia

Your Gifts of Hope delivered over 2,600 goats, along with livestock training and supplies, to those most in need across Indonesia. And – by providing milk for added income and protein – they’re already making all the difference for children and parents alike!

Two girl recipients smile and hold a young goat.
A curious goat looks at the camera.
Now we can use the goats for saving for our children’s health and schooling expenses.
Mrs. Kefi, mother and recipient

We would like to thank the donors. The goat is a perfect gift.
Franksiskus, Grade 4, family beneficiary  

Girl power boosts Boliva’s youth

Thanks to generous Canadians like you, the gift of girl power is promoting gender equality by changing attitudes, and uplifting youth, through activities and trainings in Bolivia.

TA group of male and female adolescent students gather and smile during a class activity.
We grew up thinking violence against women was normal. Now I realize that we young people have to try to change this.
Joaquin, Grade 4

The training sessions taught me so much. Now I feel I can be someone because of all this has given me. The new knowledge will help me help my community
Eimar, adolescent girl  

Clean water comes to Malawi

In Malawi, the gift of clean water for families drilled 7 boreholes, installing easy-access water pumps across remote communities. Because of it, clean water – and all the benefits it brings – is now flowing out to over 3,500 children!

Two boys and a girl in school uniforms smile and pump water as a celebratory crowd looks on.

One of the water pumps – and some of the joy – made possible through this gift.


Children jump, laugh and cheer in China.

Today, thanks to you and your Gift of Hope, possibilities are popping up across developing communities and creating not only a better day for those they reach, but a better world for everyone, everywhere.

Thank you for making a difference.