How gifts fit together to fill communities with hope

Communities under threat from crises caused by disaster, climate, disease or conflict, like the south Africa refugee crisis or COVID-19, face a lack of resources and services, as well as inequalities – especially when already struggling with issues of poverty. These added challenges set progress even further back, exposing increased dangers and erasing opportunities.

Then enter Canadians’ Gifts of Hope – charity gifts that give back, support lives and livelihoods and help others harness their own power to paint a more hope-filled future.


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Explore this interactive community to discover how Canadians’ past Gifts of Hope combined in southeast Africa and in refugee settlements to help children bring their potential to life!


4,700 goats are bounding across Africa opening boundless opportunities for women’s business groups and their children. Now thriving farm ventures are generating added family income to nurture children’s futures, and local mayor, Marcus, couldn’t be more gl-a-a-ad: “Every child who is born has the right to be educated, nourished and cared for. Seeing these children enrolled in school, thanks to the efforts made by the Plan International goat project, is a big step towards a better tomorrow for them. I say thank you.”

Train a female health worker + stock an ambulance

Canadians’ helped train over 1,170 female health workers and stocked 10 ambulances. These are gifts that give back to the community by better protecting its residents from illnesses like COVID-19, so everyone can lead a healthier life, to their fullest potential.

A group of community health workers trained by Plan International through Gifts of Hope.10 ambulances stocked and supplied by Plan International through Gifts of Hope.

Girl power + book

Sibusisiwe is one of nearly 6,000 girls who received education subsidies thanks to Canadians’ girl power gifts. “Today I stand confident and ready to face the future because I do not have to worry about my fees. My dream job is to be a policewoman.”

Unique barriers prevent adolescent girls from rightfully completing their education, but now Sibusisiwe is harnessing her power to overcome those hurdles – just hear from her teacher: “It is certain she is going to pass with flying colours and nothing can stand in her way.”

Plus, Canadians helped send books to 4,600 students to support children’s learning in or outside the classroom!

Water and sanitation for communities

Thanks to the gift of water and sanitation for communities, 53 latrines were built in 9 schools across the region, improving the hygiene and wellbeing of over 10,700 girls and boys. The latrines are gender-friendly and built with ramps and wide spaces to accommodate children with disabilities. This gift with a cause is helping flush diseases like COVID-19 and harmful period shaming down the drain.

Help refugee children + hygiene kit for girls

Help refugee children and hygiene kit for girls gifts combine to uphold children’s and girls’ rights, which have been further threatened by crises like the south Africa refugee crisis and COVID-19. Canadians helped reach 22,000 refugee children – distributing over 887,000 vital relief items like soap; clothes and tarps for shelter; blankets and sleeping mats; over 5,100 tonnes of food; and sanitary pads for over 8,900 girls and women.

“My life has changed positively. Without the help of Plan International, I would not have peace of mind,” says a youth named Fiye who was reached with this gifted assistance.

When multiple Gifts of Hope come together, they can impact every aspect of a community: its health, its livelihood opportunities and local children’s opportunity to learn and access their rights, while growing to unleash their full potential. And it all starts with one person and the simple, kind act of giving a gift.

Check out how you can help drive even more global change by shopping these gifts and more from our full, new Gifts of Hope collection – where a record 95% of gifts are matched to further multiply your impact! You can be part of ensuring more communities around the world, like this one in southeastern Africa, have the tools, supports and chances they need to not only paint their own thriving picture of hope, but make it a reality.


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Girl power
Girl power
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Help refugee children
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