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One person can make a difference. Lead by example and inspire your community to give back. Our Gifts of Hope collection make great, tangible fundraising goals when you want to make an even greater impact for entire communities in developing countries. As a volunteer fundraiser, you are an integral part of our success and our best advocates in spreading the word about our work with children and families in the communities where we work.

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Ambulance - $25,000

When it’s time to have their babies, many pregnant women in remote areas travel on the back of a bicycle to the closest medical centre. Not only is it uncomfortable, it’s unsafe, and it takes an excruciating amount of time. Your investment helps expectant moms, and others needing support, with faster and safer access to medical care. This gift also includes training to ensure community health workers provide a high standard of care to the most vulnerable patients, helping to save lives.

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Second-chance schools - $10,000

With a particular focus on girls, this gift provides accelerated learning to children who have been out-of-school so they can get up to speed with their studies and head back to a regular classroom in just nine months. An integrated public awareness campaign will focus on the importance of all children’s right to education, and help shift mindsets around girls’ education. Community partnerships and involvement will ensure local support for the program to help students re-integrate into the regular school stream. This gift gets girls and boys back on track so they can build a strong future.

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Equip a clinic - $5,000

You can furnish health clinics in rural areas with everything from equipment to supplies to medicine. This gift stocks clinics with important essentials like beds, mattresses and medicines; and much-needed consumables, like surgical gloves and bandages. These supplies provide the fundamentals needed to handle an obstetric emergency or perform a C-section. A portion of your gift will also help ensure local governments can provide a sustainable supply of essentials in the years ahead, strengthening the country’s health system for generations to come.

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Help end hunger - $2,500

This gift supports programs that provide school meals, girls’ take-home rations, and food in emergencies (which provides nourishment to pregnant and breastfeeding women, adolescent girls and young children). By feeding girls so they can focus on learning, and removing immediate worries about where the next meal is coming from, your gift will help us work with communities to prepare contingency plans, build resilience and create local food security. Help families take charge of their food supply so children can grow up well nourished, no matter what the future brings.

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Child filling glass of water

Water and sanitation for communities – $1,000

Help bring clean water and reduce thousands of very preventable deaths in dozens of communities in the developing world. Your $1,000 gift is matched for a $4,000 value!

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Herd of goats

Herd of goats – $775

Just with one of these bearded bleaters, you'd be helping provide a family with one ton of milk over one year. But a whole herd adds up to a whole lot of nutrients to keep a family healthy -- and enough milk left over to start a healthy family dairy business. Buy an entire herd and make a difference to several families. Do the maa-th -- it's maa-rvelous!

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Child filling glass of water


Want to help but don’t see a fit with our Gifts of Hope fundraising ideas listed above? Through our other Gifts of Hope fundraising pages you can pick the cause closest to your heart, set your own goal and fundraise anyway you see fit. Join our community of fundraisers who host the event that they feel makes the most sense for them and their community. It can be a garage sale, gala, variety show, fun run, bowling night – anything you like!

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