Chores for change

Can students make a difference by putting down video games and picking up snow shovels?

Chore calendar

Rebecca Haensel's grade 5-6 class and Jimmy Tsementzis’ grade 1-2 class at Beaches Alternative School partnered up to change the world with Chores or Challenges for Charity.

"I chose Gifts of Hope because I thought it was really easy for the kids to look at the catalogue and understand how they are helping," says Rebecca. "My class loved the idea. I talk a lot about social justice and they were really excited."

Students cleaned bathrooms, shoveled driveways, walked dogs and helped tape a room for painting. Some of the challenges included sacrifices like giving up video games for the week. Their families and neighbours agreed to pay them for their chores and challenges. In just a week, they raised almost $260.

"They felt great," says Rebecca. "They were thrilled we had raised enough money to help in more than one way. Some of them even donated their allowance."

Jimmy's class made up charts to calculate how much they had collected and the two classes voted on how to spend their donations.

"Kids feel good when they're empowered to make a difference," says Rebecca.

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