Casting the net wide…with hope


It all started with mosquitoes. Five-year-old Liam hates mosquitoes, so the picture of kids in a bed net from the Gifts of Hope catalogue captured his attention.

His mom, Stephanie, asked him if he wanted to help.

"He couldn’t bear the thought that not only are these kids getting bitten, but they could die," says Stephanie.

Drawing of kids under bed net

Liam drew a picture of kids covered in bed nets, with mosquitoes buzzing around them (above). Stephanie made it into a postcard for Liam to bring to school, and his friends and teachers responded with donations. In the end, Liam raised $87, including money donated by a stranger at a restaurant who found out what he was doing and wanted to help. Stephanie topped it up to $100, enough to buy 12 bed nets.

"It's magical," says Stephanie. "Kids inspire other kids, they inspire adults and they make us think about our own values. It doesn’t have to be huge, it can be one step at a time. But if we’re all doing that, it would sure make things a whole lot better."

And what does Liam think about what he did?

"I feel great," he says. "They didn’t have mosquito nets, so I sended them some."

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