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At a time when gift baskets feel conventional and corporate swag is wasteful, why not give unique gifts that will leave a lasting impression with your employees or clients and help change the world? Together with Plan International Canada, your company or organization can demonstrate a commitment to your global community, engage and connect your staff, and differentiate your business from competitors.


Purchase a Gift of Hope to say Thank You or to recognize special milestones within your organization, further fostering a culture of caring. When you give a Gift of Hope, real dollars go to real projects that change real lives.

Choose from over 45 Gifts of Hope to honour your various stakeholders for:

  • Holidays, birthdays or other special occasions
  • Recognition of a job well done
  • A work anniversary or showing customer appreciation.

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Each year, companies large and small partner with Plan International Canada to make a difference in the lives of children and demonstrate their commitment to global change.

Companies and employees collaborate with us to organize unique workplace campaigns and fundraising events in support of a Gift of Hope. Plan International Canada helps to connect companies to a Gift of Hope that will inspire employees and consumers, and make an impact around the world.

Corporate incentives with global impact

Toronto digital marketing agency Klick rewards its employees with Klick it Forward dollars -- money they can donate to any charity.

As these donations immediately change lives in the most vulnerable communities, the Gifts of Hope program is a favourite for most staff. Klick has generously donated over $120,000 to date, most of which has been directed to providing livestock for these communities.

The program is a powerful way to change the world, engage employees and attract talented, creative people who want to make a difference.

CEO Leerom Segal invited five Klick employees to travel to Rwanda to see what their Klick it Forward dollars are accomplishing.

“Sitting at your computer and buying a goat – it’s not even close to the experience of seeing the actual impact for yourself,” says Klick’s Jillian Mojeski, who visited livestock projects, vocational training, schools and water projects, all funded by Gifts of Hope. She says they were overwhelmed by the spirit of the people they met and the kind of impact their work had across the community.

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Our Business Partnerships Team welcomes the opportunity to discuss your unique needs and ideas. For more information on Gifts of Hope and how your company can make a huge impact on the lives of children, please contact:

Sara Psenicka, Corporate Partnerships Coordinator
Phone: 416 920-1654 ext. 328
Toll free: 1 800 387-1418 ext. 328