How two sisters used their birthdays to make the world a better place

A family standing together

Sisters Aliya and Hailey changed the world last year — and they’re only 7 and 4.

Instead of gifts, the girls asked their birthday party guests to help them raise money to help children through Gifts of Hope. The sisters flipped through the catalogue to choose the item they wanted to give, each picking one gift close to their heart.

“I had baby chicks at school,” says seven-year-old Aliya, so she liked the idea of giving those.

Her sister, four-year-old Hailey, thought the pigs were pretty neat.

“I love pigs!” she says.

Mom Ashley says the girls get a lot out of making their birthdays about more than the gifts they’ll receive.

“They’ve become more aware that not everyone has what they have,” she says. “And I think Aliya, especially, gets that people don’t have a lot. She likes the fact that she’s helping people.”

And they have plans to do the same this year.

“I like giving animals,” says Aliya. “I think I’ll do goats this year because I like goats.”

What does it feel like to help other people? Aliya’s answer is short and concise: “Good.”

Ashley says the girls don’t even think twice about doing this for their birthday each year – it’s something they get excited about and feel good about.

“I would encourage it for sure.”

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