A lesson in love

A family standing together

When Rhonda and Glen sat down to look through Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope catalogue, they saw it as a chance to involve their children Alex, 7, and Mikayla, 5.

"It’s a good way to teach them values and sharing," Rhonda says. "It's something very visual that kids can relate to. It's a good lesson to know not everyone has enough to eat or enough medicine. And they can help."

When they explained that the parents would provide the money and the children would pick a gift, Alex said, "We should be allowed to give our allowance, too."

"As soon as he said that," says Rhonda, "I thought, oh he's got the point of it."

Alex and Mikayla went through their allowance chart, where they collect stickers for chores and get paid an allowance when the chart is complete. They chose to spend their allowance on bed nets.

"I didn’t want them to get bug bites," says Mikayla.

"I like sharing," says Alex. "It’s nice to help other people."

When Alex chose to keep some of his allowance stickers for another day, she assured him that was OK, that Mom and Dad keep some of their money too.

"Oh, I know mommy," said Alex. "But it's not about money. It's about love.”

"That’s when mommy cried," says Rhonda.

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