Gifts of Hope help families create a bright future of their own design

Gifts of Hope are ethical gifts that provide vital resources and services – like school essentials or training for health workers – to communities that need them most, while also inspiring a loved one on your gift list.

These gifts help families create a healthier, more vibrant future of their choosing.

Just take 7-year-old Florence and her mother from Cameroon who received goats. With their Gift of Hope, they also received seeds to sow a grazing field, milking equipment and training on animal and business management. Now they’ve built a dairy business that’s enriching their nutrition and income.

“Goats milk is very good,” Florence cheers. “I like it very much!” Florence’s mother has big plans for the future: “We want to expand our herd. We plan to construct a more secure shelter. We will also sell the milk to pay for our children’s schooling and supplies. And we’ll learn how to make other byproducts.”
Over 337,000 people have been supported through goat, baby chick and school essential Gifts of Hope.
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With this colouring sheet, we hope you take a moment to teach the children in your life about the realities many children face around the world, and share the importance of giving back. The greatest gifts we can give are those that can help empower change in someone’s life. And it’s never too young to start.

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