Buzzing bees

Buzzing bees

Price: $35.00

The little bee is a mighty thing indeed. Essential to a healthy food supply, the humble bee is responsible for pollinating approximately one third of the food we eat. So when you give the gift of buzzing bees, it not only launches a livelihood and income for women to help pay for housing, health care and food, it’s also helping local crops thrive. This gift comes with a hive, honeybees, training and all of the essentials for pollinating a buzzing family business. Can’t get sweeter than that!

Business is buzzing for youth-driven family farms in El Salvador, where Canadians’ gifts of buzzing bees have helped more than 20 beekeeping ventures blossom. From selling honey to producing useful beeswax products like soap and candles, this gift empowered hundreds of entrepreneurial adolescents with the training, business management skills and supplies they need to soar towards financial independence and a sweeter future.

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