A girl stands using walking equipment outside her school.

Help children with disabilities

Price: $80.00

In many parts of the world, children with a disability are outcasts in their communities. Vulnerable to neglect and abuse, they are less likely to attend and complete school than abled children. This gift is about breaking barriers and creating learning environments where all children will flourish. Working with families, communities and governments, this gift will help ensure schools are accessible and welcoming, provide assistive devices, train teachers to identify and support children with special needs, develop school curriculum that is flexible and inclusive, and change age-old mindsets and behaviors towards children with disabilities.

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This gift is helping children in Cameroon, Kenya and Rwanda. A 16-year-old girl with mental and intellectual disabilities is now receiving much-needed counseling. A 13-year-old boy is getting the support he needs to help him heal and grow. Educational facilities in Kenya are being outfitted with ramps, and accessible latrines and doors. Children with disabilities in refugee camps in Cameroon have improved access to the education and the protection they have a right to.

Around the world, this gift is helping children live better lives.