12 bed nets

12 bed nets

Price: $100.00

It’s deadly, it kills more than 450,000 children every year and it’s entirely preventable: it’s malaria. This gift is a simple solution designed to stop a killer in its tracks. Mosquito bed nets are treated with insecticide and last up to three years. With a focus on malaria prevention, this gift provides bed nets to families and training in how to use them. Help protect children in developing countries, where malaria infections threaten lives year round.

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Mosquitoes might be a nuisance in Canada, but in Africa they are deadly. Malaria is one of the main causes of death in Africa, with young children and pregnant women most at risk. A Plan partnership with governments and communities in Liberia and Zimbabwe has helped distribute more than 2 million of these life-saving bed nets. Thanks for your doing your part to spread protection, health and hope!

Bed nets are unloaded from cargo trucks, ready to be distributed, thanks to Gifts of Hope.