Newborn checkup

Newborn checkup

Price: $30.00

Checking up on moms and their newborns within the first three days of the baby’s birth is critical. With this gift, you’ll help ensure that babies thrive and new moms recover well from the delivery by supporting the essential work of community health workers in developing countries. In communities where health care centres are difficult to access and infant mortality rates are already too high, home wellness visits can save lives.

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This gift is saving lives and easing the minds of more than 35,000 women, making sure their newborns receive a check-up in those early crucial days of life, and ensuring health workers know how to keep moms and babies healthy.

“After the birth of my child it was necessary to take her to the clinic,” says Rubina, a mother from Bangladesh. “The centre provided me with necessary medicines and my child is healthy now. I hope such clinics will exist in every village so poor mothers like me will not have to suffer.”