The quinoa project

The quinoa project

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This superfood is a super gift for almost 6,000 families in developing countries, where poor nutrition and health run rampant. This gift of a family garden includes everything necessary for growing that garden: quinoa seeds and other grain crops; training for growing and harvesting the crops; and the know-how to turn those crops into nutritious meals with cooking classes and recipe books. With this gift, you can help families become healthy and strong for life.

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Sandra and her family are part of this bountiful project, which is feeding children and their families in Bolivia, helping them stay nourished and healthy.

“Now I have enough vegetables all year to feed my children,” says Sandra.

The quinoa project has helped establish more than 3,000 home gardens and more than 280 gardens in schools around Bolivia.

This superfood is bringing hope and health to the country in abundance, spreading the promise of a happy and healthy future.

Sandra stands in her lush garden in Bolivia.