A girl with a stack of books on her lap smiles at the camera as her sister and happy family look on in the distance.
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A book

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5:1 Ratio
Matched Ratio of this gift is 5:1

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A book is the most basic of objects, essentially a pile of paper and ink. But combine it with the curious mind of a child and a book ignites change of the world-shifting variety. Give a teacher a book and it opens a world of hope and possibility for students. It really is as simple as this – buy a book, put it in the hands of a teacher or child, change lives. A pile of books stacks up to a bundle of dreams and a heap of possibilities. Books inspire young minds, nurture burgeoning imaginations and impart the desire and know-how to change the world. Put books in the hands of boys and girls and help them turn the page to a better day for themselves and their communities.

This gift has delivered books to 12 classroom libraries in Honduras, sparking imaginations and opening minds to the possibility of hope and change.

“We feel happy, very happy,” says Melvin of the new books available to him at his school.

“The library is a nice space, free of noise, and we will be able to do homework in a calm way,” says Yeimy.

These books are helping more than 600 students in the country turn the page to a better day.

Children from Honduras intently read books, donated to them through Gifts of Hope.
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