While standing in a field, a girl holds a small goat and smiles.


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It just might be the most unique gift you’ll give this year. It most certainly will be the most life-changing. Goat’s milk means important protein for growing children, especially girls. The sale of offspring means an income to pay for essentials – like an education – that open up opportunities for girls. Hoofs down, we’re m-a-a-a-d about this gift!

A widow for the past 20 years, Philister had struggled to get by in Kenya -- until she and her son received one of your goats.

Today, Philister has fertilizer for her family's crops and -- best of all -- milk for her young granddaughter. "Before, Mary was so ill, I worried we would lose this beautiful girl," she reflects. But with the boost of a more nutritious diet, Mary's now impressing everyone with the pace of her development. "This project is truly a blessing," shares Philister.

In Benin, Melanie poses with the goats she received through Gifts of Hope.
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