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Empower girls

Girls have the unique ability to change the world and the lives of those around them. When girls are educated, healthy and empowered, they can lift themselves and everyone around them out of poverty. These gifts are dedicated to doing just that. Browse our selection of gifts that empower girls.

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Medicine for moms and babies
Birth certificate
Price: $25.00
Newborn checkup
Price: $30.00
Mama Kits
Price: $35.00
Train a female health worker
Help Syrian children
Price: $65.00
A smiling woman works on a garment design midst stacks of colourful textiles in the shelves behind her.
Price: $75.00
Bikes for business
Price: $90.00
Girl power
Price: $100.00
Literacy training for 2 women
Fast-track schools for girls
Send a girl to school
Price: $295.00
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