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Empower girls

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Medicine for moms and babies
Medicine for moms and babies
Price: $22.00
Three girls showing off their home-made pads
Pads for periods
Price: $25.00
Girl in colourful dress is proudly holding her birth certificate
Birth certificate
Price: $27.00
A mother is smiling at the camera while holding her baby who is saddled in baby blankets
Safe-delivery kit
Price: $35.00
Young girl walking, holding a bucket full of hygiene supplies.
Hygiene kit for girls
Price: $45.00
Train a female health worker
Train a female health worker
Price: $47.00
Young girl with a purple knapsack smiling.
Youth leaders in Canada
Price: $55.00
Girls standing at table with supplies
Protect girls’ health rights
Price: $60.00
A girl smiles in a classroom
Help refugee children
Price: $75.00
A smiling woman stands in a shop  midst stacks various products for sale
The mom shop
Price: $75.00
Girl standing proud with arms crossed in front of landscape.
Girl power
Price: $100.00
Two women smile and pose in front of a chalk filled blackboard.
Literacy training for 2 women
Price: $125.00
Savings groups for women
Savings groups for women
Price: $250.00
Adolescent girl in a school uniform with a backpack smiling at the camera
Send a girl to school
Price: $295.00
Girl standing and smiling proudly in front of a chalkboard at the front of a classroom.
Leadership training for girls
Price: $3,200.00
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