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Mother feeding her child nutritious food with a spoon
Nutrition for one child
Price: $23.00 (CAD)
Three young women standing on a field in soccer uniforms with a soccer ball
Sport supplies
Price: $24.00 (CAD)
Two girls holding pads
Pads for periods
Price: $25.00 (CAD)
Girl smiling at the camera holding out a stack of school supplies
School essentials for 3 children
Price: $54.00 (CAD)
Girl smiling while holding a book and wearing a graduation cap
Send a child to preschool
Price: $130.00 (CAD)
Smiling woman in colourful dress working with a sewing machine
Economic empowerment in crisis
Price: $5,000.00 (CAD)
Female pharmacist holding medication smiling in a stocked pharmacy.
Strengthen global health
Price: $5,000.00 (CAD)
Boy sitting on the floor reading a writing in his notebook
Education in emergencies
Price: $10,000.00 (CAD)
Girl with megaphone in empowered stance with fist up in front of a group of children
Help end child marriage
Price: $10,000.00 (CAD)
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