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Gifts under $50

Find affordable Gifts of Hope options for any budgets with our selection of gifts under $50. Starting at $10, these life-changing gifts will warm hearts and delight friends and family. Browse our list of gifts under $50.

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Bed net
Price: $10.00
Plant a tree
Price: $12.00
Baby blanket
Price: $15.00
Thermometer for a baby
Price: $15.00
Baby chicks
Price: $17.00
School essentials for one child
HIV test kit
Price: $20.00
Medicine for moms and babies
Birth certificate
Price: $25.00
Strong dad, strong family
Newborn checkup
Price: $30.00
Buzzing bees
Price: $35.00
Mama Kits
Price: $35.00
5 bed nets
Price: $40.00
Back-to-school kit
Price: $40.00
Endless harvest
Price: $40.00
Train a female health worker
3 baby blankets
Price: $45.00
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