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The gift of education means opening the door to a better future for children in the developing world. Education gifts make great gifts for the teacher or scholar in your life.

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Power of play
Price: $15.00
School essentials for one child
Food for thought
Price: $25.00
Back-to-school kit
Price: $40.00
A girl with a stack of books on her lap smiles at the camera as her sister and happy family look on in the distance.
Price: $60.00
Solar power kit
Price: $85.00
Girl power
Price: $100.00
Girls-only latrines
Price: $100.00
Literacy training for 2 women
Speed learning for girls
Price: $135.00
School essentials for an entire classroom
Send a girl to school
Price: $295.00
Help equip a school
Price: $500.00
Accelerated learning for bright futures
Protecting children in Kenya
Price: $25,000.00
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