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Financial overview

At Plan Canada, we are constantly balancing our commitment to ensure that the maximum amount of money is spent on programs that directly benefit children.Our focus is to meet and grow our commitments to children, as well as the more than 86,000 communities we work with over the long term. As revenue has grown over the past five years, we have kept the costs of fundraising and operations at an average of 21 cents of each dollar raised, with the remaining 79 cents devoted to programs.


How donations reach communities

Child sponsorship contributions are pooled centrally, and go to community development projects that benefit all of the children and families in that community.

Designated contributions – such as major financial donations, Gifts of Hope, or ongoing contributions to project and community sponsorships – go to the project chosen by the donor, and are managed by Plan Canada in collaboration with Plan’s Country Offices.

In all cases, the funds support projects that have been developed in collaboration with community members – including children. Plan works closely with communities to build schools, educate teachers, dig wells, open health clinics, provide vocational training, innovate to improve crop yields, give people access to loans to start small businesses and much more. We do whatever is needed to create a sustainable environment in which children, families and communities can thrive.


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