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Teaching kids about charity and global issues can be a great way to start a conversation about the importance of empathy, compassion and giving back to help others.

From children’s rights to geography to farm animals, try these fun and educational learning games for families and kids of all ages to learn about our diverse world and all those who live within it: with all our commonalities, unique realities and difficulties we face. So, why not start today!

Farm Friends Activity Booklet

Cut, colour, and stick – create your own farmyard full of bees, chickens and goats, and learn about the life-changing potential of livestock!


Goat Colouring Page

You’ve goat-ta love this educational, Gifts of Hope-inspired colouring page!


Recipe from Benin: Make Dakouin

Recipe from Benin: Make Dakouin

Try out this delicious, traditional recipe from Benin – a country where we support sponsored children!
*Vegan substitutes included

Make it today

Weather activity sheets

Sponsors like you have helped send these same games about the weather and seasons to sponsored children around the world. Print at home for a rainy day, and talk about how the weather may be different in your sponsored child's country!

Print Ages 4-9Print Ages 10+

Game of Hope

Help boost a girl over barriers toward graduation on this print-out game for all ages.


Busy bee game

Bee Maze

Buzz this busy bee to its hive and learn more about pollination along the way!


Explore the world game

Explore our world

A world of learning is waiting on this child-friendly map – with animal facts! Sponsors helped us send these same maps to children across the globe. Why not talk to your family about where your sponsored child lives?

Print Ages 4-9Print Ages 10+

Walk to school interactive

Walk to school

See what challenges lie ahead for Monica or Sam on their interactive journey to school.

Start Walking

Check back here as new activities become available.

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