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Youth training in South Sudan

Skills training in South Sudan creates a better future.

Preparing youth for a bright future in South Sudan

Rebecca is a young woman who knows what she wants out of life.

“I am determined to become a role model for others,” she says with confidence.

As the first girl to graduate from the mechanics course offered at one of three youth-friendly centres, she is well on her way to achieving all of her goals.

These centres offer young people a chance to rewrite their futures through access to counselling and support, programs in literacy, numeracy, and life skills, as well as practical hands-on training programs in income-earning skills such as auto mechanics, sales, entrepreneurship or tailoring.

Over 280 young people have already graduated from the program and are now on their way to a better life. Another 193 new youth have enrolled so far, determined to continue their education.

Because of your support, hundreds of bright young people have started down the path to a more promising future.

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