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Your impact

Thanks to your support, we’re working with communities in some of the poorest places in the world to make high quality education available to local people so they can break the cycle of poverty.

So far, more than 150,000 people across hundreds of rural communities in six developing countries have been involved – including over 95,000 students and thousands of teachers, community leaders, outreach workers, parents, and program partners.

Plan’s Education project is opening up a bright future for children and their families.

With your help we’ve invested in:

  • The construction, rehabilitation or equipping of more than 50 learning facilities, complete with 39 new or improved latrines and 25 clean water and handwashing stations
  • Professional development and training for over 3,900 teachers
  • Support for more than 180 parent/teacher school management committees and organizations, and 22 student clubs
  • Vocational skills and financial literacy training for over 5,700 young people
  • The creation of more than 1,800 Savings and Loans groups offering young people access to financial resources to help them go to school, get a job or start a business
  • School-based meal programs for over 40,000 students.

Read on to learn more about how Plan is improving the quality of education in Rwanda and how your support is helping give youth in Burkina Faso a second chance at a bright future.

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