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The EducationProject

Girl in Bangladesh in front of school Girl in Bangladesh in front of school

The issue

There is no denying that an education is essential in breaking the cycle of poverty. While remarkable progress has been made towards universal primary education, in the communities where Plan works a quality education is still a dream for many children.

  • 63 million girls do not attend primary or secondary school.
  • Globally, 123 million youth (aged 15-24) lack basic reading and writing skills.
  • Education quality suffers from a severe shortage of teachers and poor teacher training.
  • Household poverty is the single most important factor keeping children out of school; children from the poorest households are at least three times as likely to be out of school as their richest counterparts.

But with your help, this is going to change.

Because of your support, children in developing countries all over the world will see their future open up before them, filled with hope, possibility and all of the opportunities an education brings.

About Plan International

A woman wearing a Plan hat.

About Plan International

Plan International is a global movement for change, mobilizing millions of people around the world to support social justice for children in developing countries.


Where Your Money Goes

80.5% of donations go to support programs benefiting children and families

Where Your Money Goes

Learn how your contributions have helped change the lives of children and families in developing countries.