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Turning dreams into reality in Guinea

Living in rural Guinea, Ahmed and his family had very little access to educational resources, limiting their chance to learn – and they weren’t alone in this struggle: a mere 30% of the population over the age of 15 is illiterate.

As a father, Ahmed dreamed of giving his children every opportunity to develop and grow. Yet, without any primary schools located in his remote village, his longtime dream for a better life for his family seemed out of reach – until you.

Today your sponsorship is directly benefitting nearly 900 rural children with the:

  • Completion of 16 new schools
  • Ongoing construction of 3 new classrooms and blocks of latrines
  • Creation and training of over 20 school committees and close to 20 parent/teacher groups, to ensure effective management of projects/schools.
Children attend their new school in Guinea.

“Thank you for your courage,” says Oury, a local mother whose children can now attend school. “We know it is difficult to come to us, but it means our children won’t have to suffer the same fate as us, to live here all their lives without ever going to school. Having this school is more than a joy.”

“We never imagined that one day we would benefit from this type of support,” says Ahmed, thrilled now that his remote village has constructed its first primary school. “Today the dream has become a reality.”

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