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Teachers pay it forward

Teachers – their impact on students can be life changing. At their best, they nurture the intellect, spirit and potential of every child in their class. And for young people living in conditions of poverty, who are at high risk for exploitation and abuse, they are invaluable frontline protectors and champions of child rights.

Thanks to you, children in some of the poorest communities in Mali and Senegal are now attending classes led by trained teachers in schools equipped with updated materials, resources and curriculum. Communities and schools now have improved working and learning environments to attract prospective teachers, helping them further their professional development while also benefiting students’ quality of education.

With your help, our local program partners have delivered over 180 sessions to more than 1,250 teachers in these two West African countries on a wide range of essential classroom skills, including how best to respond to children at risk, and both teach and manage their classes more effectively.

With the benefit of better teachers, thousands of students now have a chance at a brighter future.

A teacher leading her students in class.

A teacher leads her enthralled students in a fun learning activity!

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