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Opening a new world of learning

Two girls sit in their classroom desks.

Thanks to your support of the Education project, we’ve reached more than 167,000 people in 7 developing countries – opening doors for children and youth, and revealing a world of possibility.

Your generous support has*:

  • Constructed, rehabilitated and/or equipped more than 160 learning facilities
  • Trained over 4,400 educators
  • Helped construct and/or rehabilitate 139 water points, complete with hand washing stations
  • Fueled the learning, nutrition and growth of nearly 14,000 students through school feeding programs
  • Formed 630 student clubs or committees and nearly 800 parent/teacher school management committees
  • Provided more than 11,000 individuals with vocational and financial literacy skills training.
Children sit at their classroom desks with open books.

Additionally, you distributed over 573,000 high-quality text books and teaching manuals, to more than 800 schools in rural Guinea Bissau, marking a new chapter for over 100,000 school children!

Removing Barriers in Burkina Faso

From limited natural resources to a range of political challenges, Burkina Faso has faced many barriers to development. Among the greatest, perhaps, is the lack of access to education, especially in rural areas. As a result, almost 70% of the country’s population cannot read or write.

Of the country’s nearly 17 million people, almost 60% are under the age of 20. These young people are bright, capable and eager to work, but require the skills that an education provides.

And that’s where your sponsorship comes in.

You invested, now youth take the lead

Your sponsorship has supported market-oriented training for youth who have lacked access to a formal education, but still have huge potential to contribute to the work force and support themselves and their families.

A group of young women show off the garments they made using their new tailoring skills.

Through training developed with private sector employers, 4,000 young people in Burkina Faso were enrolled to learn job-ready skills in several key industries: agriculture, electrical wiring, welding, plumbing, drafting, motorbike mechanics, hairdressing, masonry, sewing, carpentry, driving, rural mechanics, and dyeing and weaving.

In addition, you’ve helped*:

  • Fund 578 scholarships for youth
  • Encourage more girls to attend school through special initiatives like awareness campaigns and on-site daycare for young mothers
  • Promote attendance, learning and nutrition through school-feeding canteens
  • Organize internships and job and trade fairs that have connected hundreds of young people to employers
  • Offer business start-up kits to new graduates.

The lives you’ve changed

For Dabire, life had never been easy. “You are forced to do any work available and still, sometimes there is not enough to eat.” But after the training program, he feels renewed promise. “The hope I had lost has been reborn.”

Kansie heard about our program and jumped at the chance to enrol. Now she has become an advocate for other unemployed young mothers, helping them to also change their futures for the better.

A young man receives his course certificate of completion.

Since this project began, the number of youth who have passed national testing to receive their certificate of professional qualification has more than quadrupled – meaning even more promising days lie ahead for young graduates in Burkina Faso!

Opening a world of learning

Education has the power to create doors where there once were walls.

On behalf of the many children, youth and families you’re sponsorship is reaching around the world: thank you!

*Projects undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

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