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Educating children in rural Rwanda

Education is the cornerstone of development. Without access to education, a person’s opportunities to earn an income and support their children are limited.

Yet in Rwanda, where more than 65% of the rural population lives in poverty, families don’t have the support, infrastructure or staff needed to provide quality education for their children. And without a quality education, children will struggle to make a living when they grow up, and the generational cycle of poverty will continue.

But Plan knows that it’s possible to turn that cycle of poverty into a cycle of progress with an investment in education – and your support has made that investment possible. By constructing schools and improving the quality of teaching, Plan is helping children access the education they have a right to.

Plan’s Education project is opening up a bright future for children and their families.

A brand new school

Building a future

With this project, we have completed the construction of two new schools, each one with 12 classrooms, a playground for sports and games, gender-separated latrines, a clean water point and collection tank to support hygiene and sanitation, and an additional block of rooms for school administration.

Students start their day at their new school

Students start their day at their new school

But a building alone is not enough, which is why your sponsorship has also supported:

  • Training for 166 teachers and 168 parent-teacher committee members from 53 primary schools on administration and management, as well as how to incorporate child rights, gender equality, and child protection into the school environment
  • Workshops for more than 700 children on issues such as child rights and gender equality, sexual and reproductive health, and violence reduction and leadership skills
  • Training for over 100 students in community and environmental health so they can create Hygiene and Environmental Clubs that will mobilize their peers to adopt practices that are essential to public health.
Children wash their hands at a new water point

Children wash their hands at a new water point

Thanks to these initiatives in the project schools, the quality of education is improving and enrollment rates for girls have been steadily increasing – and that means better lives and brighter futures for everyone.

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