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Accessible education in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a post-conflict country, and building back the education system is vital for the country’s recovery. With your help, we’ve been investing in primary and secondary education for children in rural communities across the country.

Over the past six months, our efforts have assisted more than 2,000 children with the construction of 5 new schools, complete with wells and latrines, as well as classroom equipment and school supplies. In addition, we’ve worked with local community members to implement strategies for increasing student enrolment and breaking down barriers for marginalized children. The result has been increased enrolment across the board, especially among girls. And by equipping all our new schools with ramps, boys and girls with physical disabilities are now getting their first chance ever to go to school.

Building futures in Africa

Nothing fuels development or combats poverty like education. You support is already giving thousands of young people the chance for a better life.

Among our many initiatives, vocational training programs are targeting youth in some of the poorest communities in Africa with practical programs that are preparing them to enter the workforce, earn an income, and break free of poverty. And because girls are often left out, we‘re actively promoting opportunities for them to ensure they have the same chance as their brothers to become educated workers, parents and citizens.

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