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dubai Cares partnership

Laos Educational Access Research and Network (LEARN) project

With support from Dubai Cares, the Lao Educational Access Researching and Networking (LEARN) project will improve the quality of learning and primary school retention rates for boys and girls in early grades 1 and 2 of primary school in the Oudomxay and Luang Prabang provinces of Laos. Launched in December 2014, the LEARN project is providing trainings and enhancing teachers’ capacity to incorporate child-centered, gender-sensitive, and second language learner-focused approaches in pre-primary and primary school classrooms. In addition, to improving educational outcomes, LEARN is also focusing on improving children’s overall health while at school and in their home communities through implementing school-based nutrition measures and providing water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. With an emphasis on learning through monitoring, evaluation and research, the project will generate the evidence required to influence the reform process of the education sector of Laos.

The project aims to reach at least 35,000 primary level children and over 1,200 teachers, parents and other adult stakeholders.

South Sudan- Establishing Access to Basic Education in South Sudan

In September 2013, Plan successfully completed this Dubai Cares-funded, two-year project in South Sudan. The project had the overall goal of improving access to quality basic education in the Liria and Dolo communities in Central Equatoria, South Sudan. The main outcomes of the project were: increased access to educational facilities and resources; improved quality of teaching and learning experiences, and; improved capacity of community stakeholders to plan and manage quality education programs. The main project activities included construction of two school buildings, training of teachers, facilitation of after-school activities for students and capacity building and awareness-raising with community members and educational stakeholders. The project benefitted more 2,100 students, including 658 girls as well as 169 teachers, Parent-Teacher Association members and county education officials.

South Sudan- Stop Unique Challenges Compromising (Girls’) Education in South Sudan (SUCCESS)

In July 2014, the four-year, Dubai Cares-funded SUCCESS project was launched. The project, which is working in the Central Equatoria state of South Sudan, is part of the Dubai Cares ‘flagship girls’ education initiative. It is designed to assist conflict-affected children, especially girls, to access and complete basic primary education in safe, quality learning environments, The main activities are focused on building safe school environments with the introduction of new classrooms, latrines and water points, providing teachers with training on how to create, child-friendly and gender-sensitive classrooms, and providing community awareness- raising sessions on the important of education, especially for girls. The project aims to reach 3,200 students in twenty schools, as well as 488 teachers, Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) members and government educational officials.

Mozambique – Apoio para Melhores Opportunidades para Raparigas (AMOR) Support for Enhanced Opportunities for Girls

With support from Dubai Cares, Plan Canada is implementing the four-year AMOR project, which began in January 2014. This project is part of Dubai Cares' flagship girls' education initiative with Plan. It is designed to enable girls to realize their rights to education, participation and empowerment in Mozambique. AMOR will benefit over 25,000 teachers, and boys, girls and young women from ages 6 to 20 years of age in selected communities in Inhambane Province.

The project will help reduce physical and financial barriers to attending school, improve the quality of teaching and learning, and ensure that primary school environments are safe, supportive and girl-friendly. Through a range of activities, AMOR will support girls and young mothers to complete primary and secondary education, enabling them to delay marriage and pregnancy, and to build their skills, and social and personal assets, to make better life choices as adolescent girls.

Real Assets and Improved Skills and Education for Adolescent Girls (RAISE)

In July 2013, with support from Dubai Cares, Plan started the RAISE project; a four-year project supporting adolescent children – especially girls – from poor rural households who have dropped out of school or are at-risk of dropping out in two of the Philippines’ poorest provinces, Masbate and North Samar. This project is part of Dubai Cares' flagship girls' education initiative with Plan and will reach more than 10,000 girls and boys (70% girls) through a wide range of activities that focus on improving access, quality and relevance of education, and creating a supportive nurturing environment for girls and boys to thrive in. It will help to reduce barriers to education such as poverty and gender discrimination, provide quality formal and alternative education opportunities, and it will help to build critical life skills and assets that these children need to successfully transition to decent work and other life opportunities.

These programs are undertaken with financial support from Dubai Cares.