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Map of Dominican Republic Map of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic flagCountry Profile

Capital: Santo Domingo

Language: Spanish

Population: 11 million

Plan International has been working in the Dominican Republic since 1987, helping children access their rights to education, health, protection and sustainable livelihoods. Our work focuses on the South West of the country, helping children and their families in 116 communities to empower themselves and lead their own development.

By working directly with 24,000 affiliated families, our programs benefit at least 120,000 people in the South West. Currently, we are focusing on early childhood care and development as only 35 out of 100 children receive some kind of initial education and it’s an area that receives less attention from the government.

Young boy with a Plan staff member.
Young girl swinging baseball bat
Inside a Plan-supported early childhood centre

Plan International's core areas of activity include:

Economic security
Economic security
Child protection
Child protection

3 reasons why your support is so important:

  • It has the lowest educational quality in Latin America – more than 30% of girls and 40% of boys don’t go to secondary school.
  • Girls face discrimination and sexual and reproductive healthcare is poor – almost 50% of girls are married by age 18.
  • Around 800,000 Haitian immigrants live in the Dominican Republic, many in extreme poverty.

How your support is helping Dominican Republic:

  • Providing children and youth with a quality education by creating safe learning environments, and training teachers to introduce quality curriculum so children develop essential skills.
  • Training young people to voice their concerns related to their sexual and reproductive health.
  • Working with communities to promote gender equality training for young men between 15-24 years old.
  • Working with youth, parents and communities to promote safe learning environments at school and in homes to respond to violence against children.
  • Helping communities respond to and mitigate the effects of emergencies and natural hazards – including first-aid training, evacuation plans and infrastructure analysis.

Country Comparison

CountryDominican RepublicCanada
People living in poverty 41% 9%
Mortality of children under 5 28 deaths /1000 births 5 deaths /1000 births
Life expectancy 73 years 81 years

(World Bank, CIA World Factbook, World Health Organization)

Common phrases in Spanish

Hello Hola!
How are you? Cómo estás?
Thank you Gracias
Goodbye Adios
Happy Birthday Feliz Cumpleaños!

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