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The view from the top

Five years ago, you generously committed to helping improve the lives of children and families in Hoang Su Phi, Vietnam – a remote community that struggled to meet basic needs and access crucial resources like clean water or quality education. And though it may have been a steep climb to reach new heights, hope now shines bright over the hills of this mountainous community.

Double panel image: Community members climb a mountain carrying goods, then smile from the top.

It may have been a challenging uphill journey, but through your support, this community has come together to stand at the peak of possibility.

“I feel more positive since life has become easier,” says one community member and project beneficiary. “When joining the project, I saw the light leading me to a better future. Plan has given me skills to work, a plan to live, tools to farm and seeds to grow.”

Thanks to you, the community of Hoang Su Phi has made huge accomplishments and gains towards breaking the cycle of poverty and beginning a cycle of progress.

Here are just a few highlights of how you’ve helped transform lives in Hoang Su Phi, since embarking on this process of change:


  • Over 20 education centres were newly built or upgraded for kindergartens
  • Two classrooms have been constructed, providing quality learning environments
  • More than 25 schools have been equipped with desks, toys and books
  • Newly-built playgrounds now benefit over 400 children
  • Over 6 schools were equipped with improved libraries, and teachers across 10 schools were trained to create child-friendly learning spaces
  • Nearly 600 parents, teachers, youth and local leaders have committed to make girls’ education a community priority

Protection & advocacy

  • Over 4,500 people took part in more than 300 Plan-initiated activities and awareness sessions
  • Trained over 30 social workers on child rights
  • 420 teachers trained on child protection, child trafficking, positive discipline and gender sensitivity
  • 4 bridges were newly built, repaired or upgraded
  • More than 65 community meetings were held to discuss developmental initiatives
3 panel: Before, during and after a school construction

Evidence of change, like this new school, now covers the hills of Hoang Su Phi.

Health, nutrition & sanitation

  • Over 2,000 students, across 8 schools, benefitted from new clean water systems, latrines and hand washing facilities
  • Supported over 30 households to set-up and maintain clean drinking water systems, in support of improved health
  • Paved concrete roads, providing safer routes for locals, like children commuting to school
  • 73 educators trained on essential hygiene behaviours, sanitation and school health, who will go on to train over 400 additional teachers across 16 schools
  • Trained over 500 women on proper nutrition for themselves and children
  • New kitchen facilities constructed for over 10 schools to support access to better nutrition


  • Over 800 livestock, along with agricultural training and materials, were provided to families in need, including goats, piglets, buffalo and cattle
  • Over 200 community members were given training courses in cultivation, improving yields of rice, maize, peanut and soybeans, animal husbandry, as well as livestock disease prevention
  • 370 parents from 16 clubs received savings and loan training and have begun managing finances
  • Over 180 poor households were directly supported, and half of these families were able to raise their income above the poverty line

Throughout these projects local people, including children, came together to participate in the work – uniting to improve their own lives. Inspired by the transformations made possible so far, they’re dedicated to carrying on these projects to benefit generations to come.

Children hold 'Thank you Plan' sign and smile and wave.

A very special thank you from the children Hoang Su Phi!

Because of you, this community can now enjoy a brighter day, today and every day, along with more promising tomorrows on the horizon.

Pursuing new paths of change

Thanks to your generosity and support, the people of Hoang Su Phi have the skills and tools they need to keep growing and thriving. Now another remote and rural community in Southeast Asia is in need of the same opportunity.

In the neighbouring country of Laos, the community of Nga resides high in the secluded, and heavily forested, mountains, making it extremely difficult to secure crucial resources and services. With limited access to essentials like education and clean water, most locals struggle to meet their daily needs.

With your help, we’re bringing new hope to the people of Nga, Laos – empowering them so that they too can break the cycle of poverty and look forward to brighter futures of their own. Learn more about the amazing things your Community Sponsorship will help make possible next, reaching even more families in need, and creating a cycle of progress.


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