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The next, exciting step for your Community Sponsorship

Inspired by the positive changes you’ve helped make possible for the people of Hoang Su Phi, we’re expanding our Community Sponsorship program to reach some of the most vulnerable children and families in the world: this time, in the community of Nga, Laos.

Remote and rural, conditions of extreme poverty exist in Nga, where crucial resources like clean water are largely inaccessible and the chance at a quality education is nearly non-existent. More than 75% of Nga’s population cannot speak, read or write the official Lao language, limiting growth opportunities.

Two girls smile and pose in front of the mountainous landscape.

Far over the hills of Laos lies a secluded community: welcome to Nga.

Fuelled by the significant need in this area, we’re bringing new hope to the people of Nga so that they, too, can become empowered to escape poverty and open a world of possibility. This is exciting news, and it wouldn’t be possible without the commitment of sponsors like you.

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Plus, your monthly donation is now being matched 4x by our funding partner, resulting in even more life-changing impact!

Moving forward, your generous contributions will continue to be invested in community-led programs that will help improve the lives of children and families that need it most. And, in the next few months, you’ll receive your first quarterly email update, highlighting the impact of what you’re helping achieve in Nga and sharing stories of the people whose lives will be forever changed as a result.

A family of 5 in front of their home.

Your generous sponsorship will now help families, like Chong Va’s family (pictured here), who call Nga home.

We’re sending additional details to you in the mail, but encourage you to take a moment to travel with us on the road to Nga, while learning more about this community and how – together – we’re taking steps to change even more lives.

Thank you for helping so many children and families break the cycle of poverty and begin a cycle of progress – changing lives, and the world.


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