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The Plan for Hoang Su Phi

A happy girl hiding behind the corner of a fence A happy girl hiding behind the corner of a fence

Project overview

Community map of Vietnam

Country Offices Programme Unit

In a unique community like Hoang Su Phi, we must work closely with families to really understand what they need and want, for now and in the future. While this process will take time, we have identified priority projects, which are:


  • Scholarships, school furniture and equipment
  • School repair and early childhood care and development centres
  • Library books, school supplies and playground equipment
  • Provision of water and sanitation facilities in schools
  • Provide teacher training and Vietnamese language instruction


  • Train village health workers
  • Construct potable water systems and sanitation facilities
  • Develop village health clubs/committees
  • Blankets and warm clothing for the most vulnerable children


  • Improve agricultural skills to increase yields of rice/maize, fruit and vegetables
  • Provide water management training and build irrigation systems
  • Provide quality crop seeds and modern agricultural tools
  • Promote handicrafts, including skill development and access to markets
  • Train food processing, to improve safety and shelf life

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