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Meet the staffof Hoang Su Phi

A man standing a bridge A man standing a bridge

Meet Thang, Thuy and Chuyen, the enthusiastic Plan Vietnam staff who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of families and children in Hoang Su Phi.

Name: Thang

Age: 50

Ethnicity: Kihn

Started: February 2007

Hometown: Hanoi

Can be found:Singing and riding his motorbike on the rough and slippery roads of northern Vietnam, in the high mountainous Ha Giang province.

In his own words:"I'm old in age but young in mind and even younger in heart. Life is experience. I will never stop experiencing. Ha Giang landscape and Ha Giang people make me happy."

Name: Thuy

Education: University of Vietnam

Started: April 2007

Hometown: Hanoi

Her love story: When Thuy started working with Plan in 2007, she began working with Nam, a vice-principal of Ban Phung Primary School (a remote commune which is 20 km far from town). During the time they worked together helping ethnic children in this region, they fell deeply in love. They married and have since had a lovely and healthy baby boy.

Name: Chuyen

Ethnicity: Tay

Started: March 2010

Hometown:Ha Giang province

Why we love her: Chuyen brings the enthusiasm and energy of a child, but the intelligence and wit of a wise woman. Her understanding of the diverse ethnic cultures in this remote area (where she grew up), coupled with her excellent communication skills make her an essential ingredient to the success of this project.

In her own words: “I return home just simply because I love my homeland and I want to contribute to its development.”

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