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Little by little, the Then family has traveled far

We first introduced the Thens back in 2013 when their young daughter Hahn was newly enrolled in one of the community’s first kindergartens. Fast forward two years and life has continued to improve on every front for this young family.

A family stands together on a grassy hill

The Then family in 2012

Four years ago when Community Sponsorship began in Hoang Su Phi, Lam, his wife Nhinh, and their two young children were living with Lam’s parents and just barely getting by. With the help of a Household Development Plan, a little support, and lots of hard work, they began their transformational journey.

It has been slow but steady progress since then, beginning with a small investment in some livestock (a pig and goat), but from the very beginning, optimism has spurred them on.

“I am confident that in 2012 we will have enough food for three meals a day,” Lam told us then. And so they did.

With a little bit of financial assistance from Plan combined with the income that Lam was earning from jewellery-making, the family continued to invest in their farm. In 2012, they purchased a cow and some chickens and started to diversify their crops.

“In addition to rice, we grew corn and beans and planted cassava on the slope of the hill,” says Lam.

A woman feeding a cow

Nhinh cares for one of the family cows.

In 2013, their cow gave birth to a calf, the pig herd had expanded to include 3 sows and 15 piglets, and they reaped bumper crops in the Spring and Summer.

Eager to improve their lives, Lam and Nhinh participated in every training program on offer to improve their skills in farming and livestock.

“From these courses,” says Nihn, “we have learned essential techniques for planting and growing our crops and breeding and caring for our animals.”

Then, in November 2013, a long-time dream came true when the family was finally able to build their own home.

A man smiles as he feeds his young children

Lam feeds his children a healthy meal in their new home.

Still part way on the journey and working hard every day to widen the distance from where they began, the Thens are a testament to what’s possible when families are given a chance. Looking back, they’ve come a long way, thanks to the ongoing generosity and compassion of our donors.

A family stands in front of their home

The Then family in front of their home in 2014


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