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It takes a village

Plan staff work with children in Hoang Su Phi

Nguyen hearing from the children of Hoang Su Phi.

Thanks to your support, the people of Hoang Su Phi are continuing to improve local living conditions through community-led programs that involve everyone – from children and youth, to parents, teachers and community leaders.

At Plan, we know that when local people take charge of their own development, it not only succeeds but lasts for generations to come.

So how does that look in practice? Well, here are just a few recent examples…

  • The construction of two bright and comfortable classrooms at a local elementary school came about after 70 families gathered to talk about barriers to school attendance and realized that the poor state of the classrooms was demoralizing to students and teachers alike.
  • 180 families took part in training on poultry feeding, animal husbandry, cultivation skills and plant cultivation, while 40 more were given loans of pigs, goats and cows for animal breeding.
  • Seven billboards were placed throughout the community aimed at communicating with both children and parents about the value of education as a path out of poverty.
  • Children got directly involved in the planning for the next phase of development by participating in town halls and student committees and drawing pictures to communicate their priorities for improvement.

“We’ve seen so much improvement because of Plan’s encouragement of community members to do it for themselves,” says Nguyen, one of the community’s planning facilitators. “It’s their determination, enthusiasm and hard-working spirit that is making such a difference.”

To see this community spirit in action, take a look at new community photos and read on about the new bridge that took only a month to complete, thanks to so many people pitching in.


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