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Change, through Cham’s eyes

What does change look like? Ask Cham, 12, and she’ll show you by sharing what community developments have meant to her and her family.

Cham and her family

Cham with her mother and grandmother

Cham has just finished the sixth grade at a partial boarding school, and is thrilled to pursue her studies. Through Plan’s encouragement, 560 parents, teachers, youth and local leaders have committed to include girls’ education in the community development agenda, recognizing their personal responsibility to help girls like Cham succeed.

“[Lately] I haven’t seen any discrimination between boys and girls in my family, school or village,” says Cham.

Additionally, partial boarding schools and community-led projects – like the construction of new bridges, classrooms, playgrounds and the distribution of better teaching materials such as text books – have ensured that children like Cham, who live in remote villages, have improved learning opportunities.

A mountainside bridge and inside a classroom

The new bridge and new classrooms

“Since Plan implemented project activities in my village, we have access to many new facilities such as classrooms and crossing bridges. We feel very happy as we are not afraid of crossing the river in the rainy season anymore,” says Cham.

And with fewer barriers to education, school attendance in the area has already increased!

New resources for better education

Like many children her age, Cham always enjoyed spending summer vacation at home. Yet she yearned for better availability of learning materials.

“I wish that there would be some bookshelves for children so that we can read books during the summertime,” she shared.

Always prioritizing the needs of children, Plan has since trained teachers across 10 schools to create child-friendly libraries, while equipping 6 schools with improved libraries or resource centers – providing children with more reading materials and research opportunities.

A girl reading

A local girl reads a book

When at school, Cham and her peers make the most of their time by integrating a healthy lifestyle complete with daily physical activity and three nutritious meals a day. Like the students across 10 schools who – through training and better access to clean water and sanitation – now understand and practice proper hand washing techniques, Cham is also diligent with her hygiene.

A fresh start

Cham’s father passed away a few years ago, which hit the family hard, but with the help of Community Sponsorship, things are turning around for their family and community. Economic conditions and food security have both improved, thanks to agricultural training helping farming families, like Cham’s, increase their yields and boost household nutrition and incomes.

“Thanks to the support, my family has been escaping from poverty, and life has become much easier,” says Cham’s mother, Min. “Now we have enough food, 2 cows and 2 goats, and I can take better care of my children.”

A smiling girl feeds cattle

Cham helps feed the family’s cattle

Your support has sparked a cycle of progress for Cham, who now also has the tools available to shape her own promising future – and someday, she hopes to use them to give back.

“I feel that many locals living in my community are very eager to help each other,” she says. “When I grow up, I want to become a biology teacher.”

Big community changes directly improve children’s lives in meaningful ways, but none of it would be possible without driven community members and the generosity of sponsors, like you.


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