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A new home for the Hoangs

The life and circumstances of the Hoang family, and how much they’ve changed for the better over the past six months, offer a terrific example of the impact Community Sponsorship is having in this community.

The Hoang family in Hoang Su Phi sits down for a meal

The Hoangs take a break for lunch

The family’s participation in our sanitation programs has helped protect them against contamination and disease.

“By taking part in community meetings and workshops, we’ve learned how to keep our household clean,” says Mr. Hoang, “and we now keep the animals in a separate area further away from our house.”

Having also taken part in our livelihood and microfinance programs, the Hoangs have improved their agricultural yields for better food security and family nutrition, as well as increased their household income to pay for things like school fees, which has given their children the chance to attend full time, something that wasn’t always possible in the past.

Girls like Bich in Hoang Su Phi have a brighter future thanks to Plan’s Community

Bich studying hard in her new home

“I am studying in the 6th grade and am getting good results this semester,” says 12-year-old Bich, who hopes to be a teacher one day.

But without a doubt, the biggest and most exciting change for the family has been the new house they’ve been able to build, thanks to their increased income and a new level of support from their community.

To finance the project, the Hoangs sold some of their livestock for materials. And when it came time to build, neighbours pitched in.

The Van Thu family is excited for their newly constructed home in Hoang Su Phi.

Proud of their new home

The result is not only a vastly improved house that will keep the family dry in the rainy season and warm in the winter, but tremendous pride that comes with living in decent conditions and a home they built themselves.

With your ongoing investment in Hoang Su Phi, the Hoangs are getting the chance they deserve to improve their living standards and pursue a better future for themselves and their children.

“My wife and I have worked very hard to improve our lives,” adds Mr. Hoang. “And our hope is that our children can get good jobs after graduation so they don’t have to struggle so much.”


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