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Kita, Mali past updates

Community workers making bricks Community workers making bricks

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Follow the journey of Kita, Mali

A large group of students holding thank you signs in front of their new school.

A community on the rise!

VIDEO: See the new and improved Kita

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A boy and girl sit side by side at their desk with open books smiling.

Winter 2018

8 ways superschools bring total care

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A smiling portrait of Sadio.

Fall 2017

Latrines give girls a new lease on learning

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Mamadou and his family sit together and smile.

Summer 2017

Equal health rights uplift all

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Two mothers sit and smile with their babies on their laps

Spring 2017

Brighter days for moms and babies

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Women in Kita gather and smile.

Winter 2017

Where sharing meets caring

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A woman displays a bowl of grains and seeds.

Fall 2016

Kita cooks up change

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A young girl and boy smile sitting in their new classroom.

Summer 2016

A new pre-school, built by you!

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Two girls stand in front of a water tap and smile.

Spring 2016

Springing fresh starts in Kita

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Dr. Traoré and a nurse welcome you to one of the clinics you helped make happen.

Winter 2016

New clinics in Kita

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Bricklayers smile and work together.

Fall 2015

Breaking new ground, together

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A woman washes her hands at the maternity site that is being rehabilitated

Summer 2015

Investing in community health

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Dr Troare

Winter 2015

Getting involved in delivering change

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Plan’s program coordinator looks forward to development in Kita, Mali through Community Sponsorship.

Fall 2014

Real and lasting change begins with people

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Featured Stories

women sit at community training

Sisters, doing it for themselves

Soap business owners really clean-up

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Portrait of Fanta, smiling.

Fanta fights to end child marriage

An “Education Mother” on a mission

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Sountougoumba smiles and poses with four of her five children

A stronger safety net

Sountougoumba sets an example

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Portrait of Fanta.

Fanta finds the power of nutrition

Find out how you’re fuelling her family’s health.

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Two parents gather with their 5 children in front of a school, smiling.

A family united

Tiemoko’s family firmly believes education is the key

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How water’s helping girls like Hawa

Here’s why water = girls’ rights
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Issa, a young boy, stands in front of a new latrine.

Sparking new light

Solar power brightens Issa’s future

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A woman wraps her arms around her sons.

Setting an example

Local mom leads development

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Portrait of a young boy

A better life

Catch up with Mamdou, Ramata and their children

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A woman wraps her arms around her sons.

Meet Kadiatou

Empowering girls and women

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A woman wearing a Plan hat.

About Plan International

Plan International is a global movement for change, mobilizing millions of people around the world to support social justice for children in developing countries.


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