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Thanks to the generous support of our dedicated donors, the community of Nga, Laos is ensuring more children can secure an education, opening new access to clean water and working together to create better opportunities for generations to come – all of which is paramount during a pandemic.

The unsung heroes of Nga’s story are its courageous women, who are working to improve the lives of the people around them. We want to take this time to celebrate these women for the meaningful impact they are having on those living in these remote communities – ensuring their daughters, sons and all local children have more opportunities and chances to thrive.

Click on each of these images to find out how these three incredible women are working to protect the lives of children and their communities.

Sa champions

ms. Sa

 ms. loun

ms. loun

 MS. Pham

MS. Pham

Ms. Sa champions education in her community

"I have learned the importance of education since I noticed the world of work has changed and we can’t forage from the jungle as before.”

Ms. Sa is a 70-year-old lowland farmer who supports her grandchildren and teaches them the importance of education. She attends the village scholarship meetings and takes part in discussing the challenges in her village.

In the meetings, she works with other community members to help identify the challenges and future plans for their children’s education. Girls’ education has now become a priority for the community and they want to support and work towards equality for every child.

Ms. Sa states: “I know that the changes need time, especially in education and our social norm, but this is the new stage for our village,” – a stage sponsors like you have helped make happen.

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Sa champions

ms. loun champions clean water for her community

“Plan International has taught me to stay healthy with proper sanitation and the importance of sustainable water sources.”

Ms. Loun is a 27-year-old farmer who – like you – is helping steward a safe water source for her community.

Her community has faced water shortages for years because the water systems didn’t run well. It would stop running for a few months because of insufficient supply at the source. During this difficult time, it would take people in her village 30 minutes to collect (contaminated) water from the Nga River.

Ms. Loun has been directly involved in water system construction in her village, which you helped to fund, and her family has built their first latrine. Her daughter is also actively involved in making a difference in her community leading hand washing activities in her school.

“I think the new water system is a major improvement for everyone here since it can reduce risks of disease and people having accidents when they are fetching water,” she says.

Now read about Ms. Pham!

ms. loun

MS. Pham champions girls in her community

“The special thing is that all activities of Plan International’s project are for the community and by the community. Plan International staff are only in charge of guidance and support. So, local people realize their responsibilities and are more active in their participation.” – Ms. Pham, a community volunteer backed by sponsors like you.

Ms. Pham leads the “Girl Child Club,” an activity that is implemented at both elementary and secondary schools in the Ha Giang province. The Girl Child Club has 40 participants, including students from grade 4 to grade 8.

Ms. Pham explains that children in the mountainous area, especially girls, often experience a poor quality of life. They often lack information about their basic rights due to the lack of life skills, knowledge on social life, guidance from their parents and prejudice. Therefore, there is a high risk of them dropping out of school to help the family, getting married at a young age, or being trafficked across the border to China.

This project, championed by Ms. Pham (and you), benefits not only girls but also their family and community. As Ms. Pham highlighted, the club has also helped stop sexual harassment, violence, girl trafficking, and child marriage, which in turn, has improved girls’ education in the local area.

She says, “The most meaningful thing that changed my life is that I have inspired my students and the whole community through my work.” Just as generous community sponsors have and continue to do.

MS. Pham


A big, heartfelt thank you to dedicated Canadians like you who have helped communities defy norms and build a safer environment for all children.