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The road to Nga

A landscape shot of Nga, at dusk A landscape shot of Nga, at dusk

The Nga Nam River runs through the northern valleys of Laos, winding across ascending fields and surrounding forests. Here, trees grow from red soil, sprouting foliage so green and dense that it blankets the hillsides and peaks of this beautiful and secluded region.

If you travel along the banks of this river, you’ll climb for hours up steep and rough dust-filled roads – often with little in sight beyond miles of rolling land. But eventually, hidden within the cover of this rugged landscape, you’ll find the remote community of Nga, Laos.

The 4,500 people that live here have called these mountains home for generations – subsisting on farming and what little they could to provide for their families. But, with few resources available like clean water or education, each day is a struggle to get by as they yearn to give their children better lives.

Thanks to you, things are about to change.

A group of girls walk along a dusty road in Nga.

With your support, the people of Nga are excited to be on a journey of hope, from extreme poverty to progress – empowering them to not only survive from day to day, but thrive for a lifetime. In the driver’s seat of their own development, local leaders, youth and community members are working with Plan staff to build much-needed social services and infrastructure, along with the capacity to manage them over the long run.

Creating change is never easy. The people of Nga face everyday obstacles in their efforts to escape poverty, and every meaningful journey comes with challenges. But, with your support, this community will have what they need to overcome barriers, navigate onwards and arrive at a brighter destination – all of which is being made possible by your generosity.

The path ahead

So, here’s to embarking on this exciting new adventure together!

Along the way, you’ll have the chance to meet the warm and wonderful people of this community and see the transformation for yourself through shared photos and stories.

Don’t miss a step of the action! Be sure to check out your next quarterly update, sent via email, so you can follow the people of Nga as they lead the way on the path to progress.

Thank you for joining the children and families of Nga on this journey, and joining us in our Plan to change the world.

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