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The children of Nga

Within each child, lies limitless potential that – when nurtured – can spark amazing advancements, spanning the globe. The biggest changes begin with children, but first, they need the chance.

Your support is helping unlock the true power of possibility for thousands of children across the community of Nga, uplifting and encouraging them with vital opportunities.

Here are just a few of the children whose lives will be forever changed, thanks to you:

  • A group of children gather and smile.

     / Smiles for miles: meet the children of Nga, Laos!

  • Chi collects water with an old jug.

     / Chi, 10 (second from right, in yellow), collects water on behalf of her family, using an old petrol jug, from a communal water tap. When the water becomes muddy during the rainy season, she collects it from a local stream, instead. Without proper facilities at her school, she has to come home partway through the day.

  • Yeng.

     / Yeng, 11 (at top right), is in grade 5 at the local school. His family has faced – and continues to face – several health challenges, so his father hopes that Yeng will someday be a successful doctor and lead a life filled with prosperity and good health.

  • Nambon boils water at home.

     / Nambon, 10 (at right), is Yeng’s sister and in Grade 4. Like any other child, she loves to play with her friends (some pictured with her here). Yet, she also carries a lot of responsibilities at home: she helps collect and boil water for her family, cares for her younger siblings and performs various household chores.

  • Xeer sits and smiles.

     / Xeer, 13 (at left), is both Nambon and Yeng’s sister, and dreams of working as a teacher. Unfortunately, as the oldest girl in her family she’s had to take on certain duties at home, causing her to drop out of school in Grade 4. Xeer primarily looks after her younger sister, who was born with a disability and requires full-time care.

  • Hamlea walks through the door of his hut.

     / Hamlea, 12 (pictured here with his sister), is in Grade 5. He dreams of becoming a police officer when he grows older. “Whatever their dreams are, we support them,” his parents told us.

  • Pheng.

     / Pheng, 10 (at left), is determined to learn. But without any pre-school available, she struggled to transition into primary classes and had to repeat her first grade. After persevering, she made it to the third grade and is learning to read and write. Now, Pheng wants to become a primary school teacher.

  • Leud.

     / Leud, 12 (front left), is Pheng’s older brother who shares in Pheng’s commitment to school. He is currently in Grade 5 of his schooling and hopes to continue and fully complete his education. Leud dreams of becoming a soldier to aid and protect his community, and all of Lao.

  • Cheung stands in front of a hut, smiling.

     / Cheung, 9 (in blue, at right), is in Grade 4. She had struggled to pay attention in class, but not wanting to drop out, became determined to succeed. “She didn’t want to quit and she studied harder and got a better grade,” her father told us.

  • Xeu and her friend.

     / Xeu, 4 (at left, pictured here with a friend), isn’t yet old enough to attend school (5 is the minimum enrollment age). Instead, she and her two younger siblings play while accompanying their parents to the fields every day, over an hour away on foot. She’s looking forward to starting school soon.

  • Two brothers stand arm in arm.

     / Ya Tua, 11, and Lue, 8, brothers of both Cheung and Xeu, are each currently enrolled in school. Ya Tua is in Grade 6, while Lue is in Grade 4. As farmers with limited income, their parents dream that the boys and their siblings will graduate and secure more stable careers.

  • A large group of children and Plan staff wave at the camera.


Every great thinker, leader and change-maker in this world, was once a child. You’re empowering the next generation of Nga: opening a world of opportunity for them to learn and grow today, and enabling them to – someday – continue to lead their community forward.

Thank you for giving the children of Nga the chance to thrive, now and for years to come!


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